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02-01-23 07:41 PM
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Update, I'm about halfway into this and it's definitely pretty solid. Not mindblowing, but not bad, and despite having an emphasis on schoolgirls... well it isn't overly catering to the overdone school theme you see in 200 other shows out there these seasons. I think Code Geass had 10x more school/classroom junk than this one, haha...
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Captain Tylor is freaking amazing. Just gonna throw that out there.
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I never knew the title of the show translated to that directly, haha. I had to look it up.

I have honestly heard a lot of good stuff about it actually. Did you like Nadesico? I've seen people compare it that and Captain Tylor, etc, good 90's sci-fi anime. I definitely want to check it out sometime.
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I watched a bit of this at WonderCon over the weekend. Anyone seen it?

Thought it was going to be a bit ecchi based on the name, but it wasn't really.

Pretty much your typical regular school girl discovers she's more than she seems -- the daughter of famous "legal" pirates -- and now must fulfill her destiny. You know, of captaining a crew of "legal" pirates.

Eh, I haven't really watched anime in a while.
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