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12-04-23 07:09 AM
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Originally posted by X
That's badass Elara, nice!

Your name should have been in that epic font too though, haha.

I totally agree. I really need to find out what font that is because it is so awesome.
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That's badass Elara, nice!

Your name should have been in that epic font too though, haha.
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Isn't it?

They sell posters of the cover art. I am SO tempted to get a few of them!
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Hell yes! Also, that cover art is spectacular!
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Guess what, guess what?!?!

It's here!!!

Once again, both available at

Pathfinder Chronicler
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Two things:

1) My other story, "My Shadow" is being published in Volume III, out soon.

2) If people are interested in getting a copy of any of these volumes, it is now possible by visiting This Page.
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Indeed it is, which makes me super excited.

Now I have to get off my ass and actually write something. I've kinda fallen into a funk with Darkfang where I don't know if it would do as well now as it would have when I started it... but at the same time I still want to finish it just to see.
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Your foot is in the door!
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Don't know why I didn't see this 'til now.

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So I now have two short stories that shall be published. The first one is in the Pathfinder Chronicles Anthology Vol II and the second just got accepted and finalized for Vol III. They are officially considered fan fiction so I don't get paid for them, but it is two publishing credits that I can use later on when I go to get actual stuff done. This makes me quite happy!

According to Ted, the guy putting the books out, he is working on adding a section to the website for the Chronicler to allow people to "donate" in exchange for getting copies of the books or posters of the cover art. Which is awesome, because it lets more people get their hands on copies of the books.
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