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02-08-23 05:12 AM
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This has to be the funniest anime I've ever seen in my life.
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No, not yet, but I've seen this character pop up here and there and I've been wanting to know the name of the series that she's from. I have a thing for the creepy social-recluse girls, I guess.
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Originally posted by Cteno
10/10, would let her stalk me.

She's adorable/creepy and it's great. Do you watch it?
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10/10, would let her stalk me.
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I've heard good things about it from my friends, and so when I was got home last night from Otakon, I decided to start watching it. There are only 5 episodes out right now, but I'm hooked.

It's about this girl who has been unpopular all of her life, and is just starting high school. All of her interactions with people are through dating video games, and she hasn't spoken to someone outside of her family for years. She hates everybody. And is most likely a sociopath. Watch this.

Edit: also, the ending is ridiculously cute.
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