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02-04-23 01:05 AM
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I still never went back to watch this after seeing the first few episodes. Just seemed like one of those overhyped trendy shows...

I'll have to watch it eventually though.
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It's now officially been announced that season 2 will be delayed. Who's shocked?
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On that day mankind received a grim reminder: potato wear backpack.
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This past weekend at Anime L.A., there were SOOOOOOOO many people who came as survey corps members and titans.

Including this guy:
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The manga is still ongoing and extends past the anime...for those that are interested in what happens next.

I really do love the show. The constant yelling is kind of comical at times though. Seriously, EVERYBODY yells during every episode.
Kard Ayals
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I personally don't think it's a bad series, but I found that a lot of stuff was easily predictable. And I generally suck at predicting what will happen in an anime/manga.

Then again, I've only read the manga.
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This series grabbed me and I was completely hooked on it... until I caught up to where Crunchyroll had it at the time. Then I just kinda forgot about it.
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I watched the first episode last night. Damn that was depressing as hell.
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I saw a few episodes and it was ... eh.

Just watch Kill la Kill instead.
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I've seen enough buzz about this show, but hadn't actually heard anything other than, "You should TOTALLY see it. It's AWESOME!"

Anyone seen it?

I'm watching it on Hulu, which involved signing in with my Facebook. I feel so dirty.
Xeogaming Forums - Anime Lounge - Attack On Titan

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