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02-03-23 09:09 AM
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I like it, but I prefer the opening this way.

I think my one big complaint is the fact that Tuxedo Mask has so far only been seen wearing the tuxedo when he's supposed to be in disguise as Mamoru. Like he's just ALWAYS out and about in the tuxedo without the mask and top hat. The fuck?
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It looks very cool. I wonder if this will wrap up the whole series? I know the manga is a lot shorter than the whole anime saga I believe, they kind of took their own liberties with fillers and such. But I've always heard fans say they wanted something closer to the manga and it sounded like this could be it. Hopefully it retains some of the mature elements of the original.
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Watching it now, since I need to kill some time waiting for Bran to get back from the bank.

I was a huge fan of the original, as a kid. I'll report back when I've watched what's out.
Lord Alexandor
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I watched the first episode the day it aired in Japan (yay Hulu!) on my long weekend. It was really good. Better animation than before, but the dialogue was still kind of lax. Acting was good and I enjoyed the show overall. My wife enjoyed it too.
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I haven't checked it out yet, I am letting it be vetted by the more hardcore Moonies.
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Anyone check it out? Sounds like most fans are digging it.

Haven't seen it myself though nor the original, so I'm not sure where I should start haha.
Xeogaming Forums - Anime Lounge - Sailor Moon Crystal / Remake

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