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07-28-21 07:47 PM
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Originally posted by Xeoman
Man, I wrote this on 10-18-15... and mentioned a wedding. How bad is it that I can't even remember WHAT wedding? lmao

Ha! I totally understand. There are things I wrote here or on Facebook and I look back and go, "What the hell? When was that? I don't remember that!"
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Man, I wrote this on 10-18-15... and mentioned a wedding. How bad is it that I can't even remember WHAT wedding? lmao
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"Yet another person with a teaching degree who can't get a job because they don't know the right people"

Only now it isn't retail. Now the short answer is "I work for a registered agent service."

The long answer, because no one knows what a registered agent is, "I work on a service team that helps small businesses get set up to do business in different states and stay in compliance with state laws."

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Heh, my job title changed since the last time. I guess I couldn't answer this in the snarky way at the time because I took so much pride in what I did. I respected my boss and got along with my co-workers and enjoyed the hell out of coming to work and having fun with people with developmental disabilities.


Well, I still love my clients, but I'm also "the only one who seems to be doing my job around here."
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Posting cuz I remembered this site exists. I'll go dormant for another five years again. Or however long it was.
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I was such an L.A. stereotype for a while there.

"I'm an out-of-work writer that occasionally gets work as a background person for webseries. I edit for my friend's blog and do a podcast, but that's just for 'exposure.'"

These days I'm a Direct Support Professional, but since most people wouldn't get what that means right off, my answer is:

"I work at an activities center for developmentally disabled adults."

This was how I worded it when I had to do jury duty and they ask you your occupation along with whether or not you have a significant other or kids and if you've served on a jury before.
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"I maintain cellular homeostasis to continue living."
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I usually go with sarcasm where I can. Or I make them feel bad about asking.

"Oh, you know... teacher that can't get a job... so retail worker."

"Iphone babysitter"

"I teach old people how to set up their voicemail."

"I am a warrior in the battle against the dreaded monster known as Apple... come to the dark side of Android... we have cookies and better cameras."
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Do you guys have any creative, fun, snarky ways to answer this?

I guess it's something that legitimately bugs me about society (or I'm just pessimistic and it's like a trigger since I still don't know what I'm doing with my life, but caring less and less about work and realizing it doesn't define me at all!). I was at a wedding Friday and this was like the cliche' go to conversation for a few people I met for the first time, and most people you bump into in life it seems. I'd say it's just as bad as talking about the weather or something.

Thoughts and counter attacks?
Xeogaming Forums - Xeo's Hot Tub - "What do you do?"

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