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04-25-24 03:47 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Wow, it's been years...
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Oh wow, cool to see you around Googie. We're still kicking. You should hit up some other veterans and convince them to pop up.
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Must you feel old doesn't it? I always thought you were around 25-30, in fact, how's the animation school thing going, too? You made some post about it on Board2 and I don't remember much more.
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Life's been okay with me, I'm in the process of going to an animation school online so I can take my cartoons to the next level. I still ROM hack, I'm working on a SMB2 hack with my cartoons with 'em. I have an Xbox One with a lot of downloaded games, and I'm also on Steam, getting my library quick with all those deals that they have on there.

I stream on my Xbox One but not yet on my PC. And I turned 41 this past Tuesday, which still haven't hit me yet, lol! I'm currently living in NJ but I'm making moves to move back to NY. Now that me and my girl are engaged she wants me closer to her.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Wassup Googie? Life's fantastic, that's all I can say.I'm about to graduate college in about six months, and then I'm off to the full-time business workforce while making my own company on the side. How about you?
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Hi Googie!
I was hoping for your return to the forums since you'd been inactive for the last three years, good to have you back.
Let's hope more old users return to here.
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Eh, doing OK. Working and sleeping and trying to make the most out of my blessed weekends.
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I forgot my password to enter this forum, I haven't logged in for about 3 years. How's everybody doin'?
Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Wow, it's been years...

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