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04-25-24 04:18 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Happy Birthday Rogue!
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So... bitches gonna bitch?

I am glad that you have a few awesome coworkers that made sure you felt special. And yeah... the Kylo flood on FB was... well... very large. Almost as large as his chest, lol.
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Aww, thanks, sweetie!

Post-Script.... Uh sorry, this got really long.

Well... I'd actually been going through depression for the better part of the week leading up to it. Our boss had declared "No more staff birthdays!" in December due to the fact that no one was contributing money to them and all the presents were coming out of his pocket. I kept getting sadder and sadder about the fact that my birthday was the first one that was going to go ignored.

I ended up requesting the Friday off and didn't tell anyone because I just didn't want to be there on the day when people might acknowledge it. What's more, they had planned to do Korean barbecue on the Thursday before and I pretty much took that to mean that they weren't going to do anything for me since NO ONE in this office finds motivation to go out two nights in a row.

I ended up voicing this sadness to a couple friends at work and one surprised me with a cake on the day of. (Our boss walked in late right after people sang for me and said things. Our case manager tried to get him to speak, and it was awkward since he pretty much just went to his desk and sat down while everyone stood there and looked at him. It hurts since I consider him a friend and had handed him an invite to my wedding a couple days before. I'd like to think it's just him "sticking to his guns" in front of the other staff)

Anyway... so I went to the kitchen to get utensils and plates for the cake. Of course some of the coworkers who don't like me or anyone had been hiding out in the kitchen and were dead silent and staring at me while I was getting the stuff. Honestly, I thought that shit was funny. I mean, they were bitches living up to their reputation for being bitches and I wasn't the only one who noticed it.

/pissy rant

I get back to the office with the stuff and my boss and his friends had already eaten the strawberries off the cake. I took a picture of the cake after the fact. While handing out pieces one coworker tried to reach around me and put icing on my cheek, but stuck her fingers in my mouth. So I'm licking off frosting without thinking about it.

A minute later the friend who got me the cake asks if he can have a corner piece. I cut him one and then cut the other (and last one) for myself (because fuck yeah corner pieces!) Just as I pick up mine to eat, my friend starts approaching me, going, "Hey, come here..." I back away. He walks faster. I then turned and RAN. Down the hallway, out through the entryway, onto the sidewalk, past the clients who were all lined up and ready to come into the center at 9, down the street, doubling back once I got to the church, coming back up the street, then INTO the street, where he finally caught me, getting the side of my neck and down my dress, which apparently my dress unbuttoned. Some time during the chase, he says, he gave up on the plate and grabbed the cake in his hand and started running harder. Through all of this, I was still holding the corner piece that I planned to eat. It immediately was all over Jose's head. His glasses flew off, he couldn't see, couldn't defend himself, CAKE EVERYWHERE.

Outside of that, another coworker friend had got me a pair of Cowboy Bebop pint glasses.

Went with them for Korean barbecue that night. My birthday wasn't mentioned the rest of the night.

Next day Bran and I went to Universal Studios, which was much more empty than we've become accustomed to since it was a weekday after the holidays. We drank spiked butterbeer while hanging around Hogsmeade. It made Forbidden Journey extra fun.

Next day, only thing to really report was that we went to a couple bars in Hollywood -- Scum & Villainy Cantina and Beetle House. S&V is Star Wars-themed, meant mostly to look like the Mos Eisley cantina. Beetle House is Tim Burton-themed.

The day of my birthday, we visited Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds' grave (and Ronnie James Dio's and Liberace's, incidentally), rode the Griffith Park Merry Go Round, had bomb-ass breakfast tacos, saw "The Last Jedi" AGAIN (this time in IMAX at the Chinese Theater), had dinner with my parents in Seal Beach, and then went for tiki drinks at the Royal Hawaiian for the first time.

On MLK Day, didn't do much. Tuesday, though, we went out for cider and mead and watched "Shape of Water" at the Art Theatre.

Through all of this, people kept posting Kylo Ren fan art to my FB timeline.
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So, it's a day late since I couldn't get on yesterday... but yeah.... please, tell us of your birthday adventure so we can live vicariously through you.

Also, *mandatory internet birthday cake appears*
Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Happy Birthday Rogue!

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