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02-28-24 09:35 PM
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I am finally taking the plunge into Shippuuden. Hope it's worth it.
Posts: 1850/1858
Double post~

Is anyone up to date? There was a big plot twist in the last chapter.

Kabuto summoned Uchiha Madara which means "Tobi" isn't who he says he is.
Posts: 1791/1858
8 tails!!!!! woooo! I know Misato will snap him out of it. But I want to see some 9 tails craziness.
Kard Ayals
Posts: 2283/2915
I honestly think he'll snap out of it by himself. Or the whole thing was really pointless (training to surpass tons of people and then let the fox take over? I don't think so)
Posts: 1789/1858
Well....I saw this coming a mile away. Not the 6 tails per se, but Hinata jumping in and getting wrecked, setting off Naruto. I wonder how they're going to contain him? Sasuke to the rescue?
Kyoku kun
Posts: 1066/1329
Being the fangirl I am, Hinata's confession was a major plus for me. But holy crap, if Hinata dies I'll be sad and happy at the same time. Happy because that means Naruto took the step that no other Shounen names do and killed a main female well loved character.

Holy crap six tailed fox. Crap.

So now Jiraya, Asuma, Kakashi(?), The third, Orochimaru, Itatachi, Pretty much every Akatsuki except for four, Shizune, Chiyo.

Posts: 1780/1858
aaaaaah spoilers!

I don't think he is. I think this is just a ruse. I've been saying he's going to die soon...but....that was really lame.

I love when Naruto comes out of the hyberbolic time chamber and goes super saiyan. Wait...I mean.....
Kyoku kun
Posts: 1062/1329
Double post.

I think it's pretty much conformed Kakashi is dead.
Kyoku kun
Posts: 1059/1329
Well, I guess there is Hawk too. I mean Sasuke and his group wants to destroy Konoha now, don't they?
Posts: 1775/1858
Naruto mirrors DBZ more and more.......and I'm loving it.

SSJ Naruto ftw.

I didn't expect this battle to happen so soon. I fear the series' end is nearing. I mean after this...there's Madara and that's it. Eh?
Posts: 1768/1858
I still follow it because it's still a true Shonen. I haven't found any good shonen lately. I'm sure it's safe to say Naruto is the new Dragonball Z. And just like DBZ, Naruto Shippuden is much better than the original Naruto. Or should I say more dynamic?
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I prefer to stay away from Naruto.

I think I stopped after...

I don't remember XD
A while back.
Posts: 1765/1858
I should start my own psychic network.

I don't think he's dead. I mean, if Iruka died from a nail okay....he deserves it. But there is no way Kakashi is going out like that. I smell some Sharingan shenanigans. Like on page 13.....
Kyoku kun
Posts: 1034/1329
So, apparently Kakashi is dead now. Good call Shuyin.
Cyro Xero
Posts: 1536/1778
Originally posted by Kyoku kun
It makes me happy !

Kyoku kun
Posts: 1019/1329
Naruto is one of those animes you'd never guess ANYONE dies, (Like Bleach...etc). But one after another people start to die.

It makes me happy !
Posts: 1750/1858
I'm thinking Kakashi is going to kick the bucket soon, if not eventually. The Manga is progressing nicely. I can't predict where it's going right now.
Cyro Xero
Posts: 1511/1778
I don't think any of the main characters will die. If anything, Naruto might kill of a few "realms" of Pain, and I'm willing to bet that we'll find out Pain's true identity in the next 5 chapters.
Posts: 1748/1858
Wow. The manga has gotten good all of a sudden. In fact, I'd say this is the best its been in the whole shippuden series. Someone's going to die soon.....I can feel it.
Kyoku kun
Posts: 808/1329
Soo, Itachi's dead now.. We're halfway through the Akatsuki members!
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