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02-21-24 10:51 PM
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Alex stopped and turned to face Jack with a serious look on his face.

"Listen... The ones chasing us are merely war drones. They are the expendable creatures. They are the ones that are built in bulk and shipped to the outskirts of the city to defend it. The ones inside have more intelligence than the top human scientists. They have probably thought of every attack possibility of ours and thought of ways of defending against it. I may not know too much about these creatures, but I've experienced enough to..."

Alex's voice trails off as he thinks about the time he was taken prisoner here, and how he was dreading going to the back of the city, the place where experiments were played on the prisoners. "Anyone see the last Zero-G Football match? Jim Bexley Speed is one awesome dude!" Alex says, changing the topic and trying to stay relaxed, but he could feel his eye twitching ever so slightly.
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James tapped the energy tapped the energy, and could feel the slight tngle going through my body. He marveled at the advancements of technology. He then realized the irony, seeing as he had an entire robot limb.

"So It's decided. We keep moving. And if that doesn't work, then we blow them up."
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Jack continued walking. "Yeah, right, I'm working for a bunch of unintelligent creatures who aren't smart enough to even use weapons when they see them. Does it occur to you that if they were intelligent enough to gain the money to hire me, you'd be dead by now?"

He turned, aiming around, at some brush where he saw some movement, "I wouldn't be making accusations were I you."
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(ooc: Apparently the CPR worked!)

Alex chuckled, something he doesn't do often. He looked over at Jack

"I don't care about how long you've lived here. It's the fact you've managed to keep youself alive from these menaces for so long that makes me not trust you."

He threw two devices out in opposite directions. "For all we know you could be working for the creatures as a spy."

As soon as everyone was past the devices, they created a slight force field. Alex began to slow to a walk.

"That oughta hold 'em for a while. It'll take them a while to realise the force field is actually there and for them to get around it."

He loaded a miniturized version of the map that was on the helicopter into his eyes. Small lines and arrows went across the map, with a dot to show the groups' location. In only 4 more minutes of walking they should arrive at the back wall... And Alex can finally take care of the personal side of business.
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Suddenly, with a gasp, the RP fell to the ground.

"No!" James yelled. He dropped to the ground, and began giving it CPR. But it was too late. The RP was dead. James said a few words under his breath. Well, there was no point mourning over the death of the RP, he thought, and kept moving. Then he realized that if the RP was dead, and he was a part of it, that he was dead to. With this realization he dissapeared.
Azen Dalin
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OOC: Until Kat comes back to claim her, I'm going to play Kara because...she's needed.

BIC: Andrea paused for a moment, looking at the newcomer. He was an attractive male, but figured that he had little to offer in her search for information. Her hand grasped Kara's wrist and ran as fast as she could.

Andrea: "Whatever you do, don't slow down...don't stop...and don't look at them."

Kara nodded her head briefly as the pair ran, Andrea forcing her to rush.

Kara: "What's going on?"

She tried not to yell as she spoke to Andrea.

Andrea: "They're coming after us. We've invaded their turf...and they don't take kindly to that sort of thing."

When she heard Jack mention blowing them up, she was glad that James responded first.

Andrea: "He's right. The smell of their own dead and the explosion will cause a massive uprising...and we won't have a chance. The best thing to do is to run as fast and as far as we can."
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"Ya, you have grenades," James tapped his robotic arm, "And I have a nuclear reactor that could blow up Wisconsin. If we blow them up, it'l just attract more. We keep moving."

((C'mon people, lets not let this RP die...))
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Jack raised his eyebrows. It was nothing short of idiocyto go running iwht these animals running around. "Stop!" he shouted out, "we can easily lure these creatures to their deaths. I have a nice collection of gernades, not to mention some wire."

He smiled, "We can blow them up."
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James cast a sidelong glance at the newcomer. He slowly sheathed his cutlass, without breaking eye contact.

"You'd better watch out,"He said as he pointed at Jack, "Because if you aren't who you say you are..." He let the sentance trail off. The kid got his point. He turned and ran after Alex.
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Alex relaxed his hand. "Hmm... I guess there is no danger in you coming..." Alex's scanners kicked in, and he almost fell to the floor from shock.

"Shit! Guys, we'd better start absolutely legging it! Unless you feel you can take on 50 various mutated humans... All with their own unique ability. And I'm not going through the whole list... No fricking time! All I can say is most of them are very strong, but their running speed is just a bit below ours. If we can get far enough away we can get out of their range of smell and hearing. NOW RUN!"

Jones immediatly runs forward as Alex says this, Alex following closely behind. His armour tore off his body and transformed into a weapon, very much like a spear. The spear was much more powerful in attack but it did leave Alex much more exposed. He hopes that the others are following, although he doesn't look behind to check.

The various creatures ran through Alex's mind. The creatures had strange things about them. A lot of them looked like insects, probably because of the huge mass of insects that there are in any area. Humans that looked like beetles, had the relative strength of ants, had the ability to fly. Alex wasn't too sure if the group could run, and if they couldn't they would all have to stand ground and fight. Of course that shouldn't be too much of a problem, but they do outnumber the group 50 to 6.

EDIT: A bit of a spelling error.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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"You are part of the first attack." he answered, "but not everyone here has to die. I was on an assignement in this city when it happened, only in full battle armor. I watched as unprotected men mutated, went insane, and suddenly turned on me. I killed whoever tried to attack me. Then, I was hired to stay here until you arrived, and to assist you."

He glanced at his gun's ammo indicator. Excellent, it was full, he wouldn't need to replace it for some time.
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"Wait, I thought we were the first attack. What are you doing here?" He tightened his grip on the cutlasses handle. Blood dripped off of the tip.
Posts: 720/1748
Alex was shocked as he saw Jack sprout from the bushes. He kept his weapon low but his hand was nearing his pistol. "Who are you exactly? You seem to have expected us..." Alex said, immediatly thinking "We definately weren't expecting you..."
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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ooc: Ryan has insisted that I join this RP, but I'll come in a slightly different way.

Name: Jack Grandin.
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Short physical description: A tall man, Jack has broad shoulders. He reaches at least seven feet tall. He has black hair, and appears to be spanish.
Weapons: Two gage semi-automatic shotgun, two short energy blades, 8 mm magnum, sniper rifle with explosive bullets, fully automatic minigun with armor peircing bullets, and an automatic laser rifle.
Armor: Jack has a special type of armor designed against radiation, energy, or peircing attacks. Admittedly, a few melee hits might get through if strong enough, but Jack won't let anyone get that close. This armor also enhances speed and strength, has several sensors(when visor is on), and stores all of his weapons. The energy blades launch out of his forearms.
Special skills: Jack is skilled in sniping, or in using his two energy blades.
Group: Mercenary.

ic: There was a small amount of movement in the nearby bushes. As everyone prepared for the worst, Jack stepped into view, his helmet off.

"Took you long enough to get here." he announced. His originally blue armor was now brown, caked with mud and rust, showing signs of having been worn for quite some time.

"I knew I shouldn't have taken this assignment, but money is money, and you can't argue with it."
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"Ya, ya, let's keep moving" I guess I don't need a medic.

James followed Alex, pulling his cutlass from the tiger corpse as he passed it.
Posts: 716/1748
Alex interupts the conversation, "I've been told it had something to do with the radiation that caused very rapid and random genetic mutations in the living cells of the workers... And those 'tigers' were human. They were a simple example of how random the mutations got." Alex turns on his scanner, his expression going slightly depressed and anxious. "Guys... We'd better keep moving... They're a few kilometres off yet, but there are many more creatures approaching from behind. They're too far away to get good read-out, but I estimate about 30 or so. Since there are only five or six of us, we don't stand much chance... Some have much more intelligence than all of the Space Marines scientists put together." Alex begins to walk quickly forward, keeping his mind focused on the radar. If he could just build enough energy up, he could analyse the incoming creatures and find weaknesses. It would take about 10 minutes to charge it, but there was not any other option (That was safe for the scanner anyway).
Azen Dalin
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Andrea looked over at Kara, knowing that she was supposed to be a speciallist in the medical field.

"Are you going to take care of him, or stand here and look at him?"

Her voice was a bit cold, but she needed to kick-start this girl in the direction of war. Wounds were something that she would constantly see.

"The truth...? You're asking for a bit much there, they never told us what exactly happened to the people in the radiation...nor the animals that were around. So, if you want a "truth" go ask a commander."
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"Okay, I'm thinking that we haven't been told the whole story, first spiders, now these? No one told me that we'd be dealing with 上帝譴責突變異種 tigers. I want the truth, now."

He looked down at the gash on his stomach.

"And a medic would be nice."
Azen Dalin
Posts: 300/324
Andrea laughed at what Alex said. In fact, she couldn't contain her laughter at his thought.

"I doubt that we'll find any down here that can't smell. We're to far north to find any that rely on the ability to feel vibrations and we're not north enough to fight the ones that only hear. But it is rather puzzling. Usually these guys don't come this far south...unless of course they're migrating."

She paused for a moment before continuing. As she walked, she continued to think siliently.

"I take that back...we might run into a few of the smaller breeds that rely on hearing...but they shouldn't present much of a threat. If you can take down these guys, you'll be able to take down the smaller ones. And the spiders we faced earlier are a rarity, generally they only come out at night."

Andrea stopped talking as a roar was sounded in the far off distance from them.

"They know that their comrads are dead...luckily we have some charms. Alex, keep your scanner on...they shouldn't head our direction - these creatures aren't smart enough to figure out where their dead are - but it's never a bad thing to be safe."
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Alex took out his saber and cut a small square out of the tiger's thick skin and placed it in an empty compartment of his armour. "I can just see us now having to fight a creature without the ability to smell..." Alex jokes. He still felt kinda woozy that they were going to the back, but he felt a bit better now knowing the skills of the group. Plus there shouldn't be any guards or 'scientists' like the last time if the other two groups fulfill their duty. The group continue forward.
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