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Icav completes his repairs on his comm system.

"Sorry fucking overloaded my own comm system I rewired this thing in the field awhile ago and when I tripped my jamming it shorted out...Yeah I am in position and ready to help you guys."

Icav makes minute ajustments of his board and lays prone his rifle sited along were the train will be coming.
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The pilot landed the heli infront of the building that Caine pointed at. Jobes got off the heli and over to the man hole cover and removes it.

"Icav are you there? Can you read me? Caine and I are about to enter the sewer. Are you in position yet?"
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 1157/4539
Caine nodded. His shotgun and pistol were ready, and he put his battle hood on.

"Pilot, land us in front of the building, we'll enter the sewer there."

He smiled under his hood. Time for his paycheck to arrive.
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Jobes watchs Ivac get off the heli. He turns towards the pilot and instructs him to land the copper near the next man hole.

"Remember that we are all connected if anyone is in danger just communicate and we will be there soon enough to help out. Are you ready Caine?"
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Icav taps the pilot on the shoulder and give hims directions to drop him off two miles up the traines current path.
Icav looks back at the rest of the team.

"Well guys this is my stop" The helicopter hovers of the the inseretion point and Icav hops out landed on bent knees.

over the comm system "Comm check can you guys hear me?"

You can see Icav running towards a little booth along the tracks and climbing on the room of the booth onto a beam suspended above the tracks.
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Kara couldn't supress her giggle. "Will you guys stop harping on the negotiations. The word was used as a bit of sarcasm. I'm sure Zhao didn't mean for two people to try and communicate with them by offering them tea and biscuits while talking to them about the situation at hand."

She paused and let out a deep sigh. "Again, I repeat myself. What was meant by that was to basically scare them. Not to fire your weapons because it would startle them and someone innocent could be hurt. But to show them your guns. Let them know you boys mean business..."

She then looked back over at Spartan and flashed hima grin. "I promise, I'll do my very best not to crash the train into you." She replies matter-of-factly.
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Icav glances back at Sean,"Yeah you do have a point, But were the hell am I gonna post up to cover our people? Kara, your gonna have to stop the train somewere I will post about two miles forward of were the train is moving and please dont crash it into me..."

Icav looks at the rest of group still silent

"No one else has anythign to add?"
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"Negotiations..yea you were never good with them. Unfortuantely I only negotiate with bullets flying. Icav why dont you back up the negotiators so if anything happens would be able to help them with covering sniper fire. I will go with Caine. If you don't mind?"
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Icav Coughs at Caines comment about the couple million...

"I will go with you then or am I still wanted to "Negotiate" If I was to enter the plain to talk with them I would not have my rifle though...I dont have a problem with it its just I dont like being seperated from my equipment."
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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They were extremely close to the station. "Look, I'm going to go through the sewer, and enter undetected. I want one other person to go with me, and then we're fine. You other two can call off the guards however you want."

He looked around for an objection, but spoke up first, "And no, my plan will not involve damaging anything, I'm just rescuing prisoners, unless someone has several million dollars spare?"
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Sean sat there and took a deep breath. He waited for someone to come up with a plan. He just began to shook his head and looked around at the rest of the group. He knew that none of them will come to a compromise. He didn't care though...he was getting paid and that is all he cared about. He looked around again and it was silence then Kara spoke and listened but didn't pay full attention for her. Sean's mind flashes back to a memory where his squad, Scorpion, landing from a heli and came under heavy fire. Two of the squad members were sniped before they got off the heli.
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Kara was nearly holding her breath, glancing between Zhao and Caine, after she made her remarks before. None of them answered however and it was Icav's question that pulled her from her trance.

"Well, we're all going to need to keep in contact. I'll be separated from you boys being as I need to get to a location in which I can control everything." She smiled as she made her statement, surveying the rest of her team.

Maybe I can take their silence as some sort of compromise between the pair of them. She thought to herself as her eyes passed by Cain and Zhao in particular.

"I'm still thinking that finding a way to get the hostages on one of the trains so I can take them to saftey would be a good I suggest we enter any way that we can without A) Going detected, and B)Causing any kind of rukus before taking care of the hostages." She crosses her right leg over her left as she made her comments and smothed out her skirt while waiting for responses.
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Icav unstraps and walks to the front of the helicopter and taps the pilot on the shoulder,"Hey buddy lets get this thing in the air we have a job to do."

Icav Looks back at the rest of the group

"How are we running this drop anyway? We going in the front door? or what?"
The Accidental Protege
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OOC: I'm not going to hold your hand; you guys have control of the helicopter and its pilot. I'll be running the rest of the stuff: terrorists, Incognito.... Etc. GO ahead and fly away; you don't need my OK.
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Jobes starts laughing with Icav.

"Don't you remember I was trying to kill those damn red ants...who were attacking me.I hate those insects plus there was a couple of terrorist rushing through the underground bunker."
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"That wasnt the time we blew up the Helicopter is it? I hope not cause that was not a fun op bailing out a chopper cause someone got a little explosive happy...Just why were you dropping grenades out the side door anyway?"

Icav grins as Sean and chuckles at the old memory.
Posts: 394/453

ICi] Jobes sat there waiting for the heli to lift off. He then pulled out his silencer and put it on the USP under his right arm. Jobes placed the USP back into its holste.

"Hmm...reminds me of the time I was in Iran."
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Kara couldn't help but blush. She always did have some sort of inferiority complex when it came to men and had lost her temper. She didn't make any eye contact with Spartan as she leaned foreward to retrieve her laptop.

"Sorry." She said softly as she leaned back in her seat.

OOC: Dork. :p

BIC: Kara looked over at Caine and smiled. "I think we could figure out some sort of way to combine the plans then. And in case you haven't noticed...there's only five of us....against them...we're all bait practically." She paused and looked around to the rest of the helicopter's passengers. "Two things in my opinion we need not to have destroyed. Above all, the hostages...then the we can't go blowing ourselves into the vacinity..."

She sighed. Her mind was racing. None of them could all agree on the same plan. "Alright, look." She sat herself upright in her seat and glanced around again. "I still say that we need to get some one in there to disarm the enemy somehow. I can control the entire place with this thing." She says, giving her laptop case a tap. "However, suddenly turning the lights off on them may give them a bit of a scare and they'll start firing...If we can manage to get someone in there to disarm then, that's when I kill lights and start running the train. I'll have you all on my screen, so as long as you keep in contact with me, I can tell you exactly where to go. Otherwise, none of you will be able to see a damned thing. You load the hostages on the train and I'll take them from there." She paused, took a deep breath, held it, and then released it. "Then, I give you guys your lights back and let you do everything you need to, to handle them. I'll be in contact with Incognito, telling him the location of the hostages, and I'm sure they'll be taken care of by NYC's police force."

Yet again she paused. She could feel her cheeks growing read suddenly, and didn't know why. Her plan wasn't much like what Caine and Zhao had come up with, but it was something at least. "And...if you must, then don't worry so much about keeping that subway intact. Just be careful."

EDIT: OOC: I'll be away 'til we keep this slow 'til then? **makes a puppydog face.** Pwease?
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 1108/4539
"I was more refering to sticking it to your gun, and aiming around corners. But your method works also." he replied, buckling his seatbelt on the helicopter.

He pulled out his shotgun, and made sure it was loaded properly. He then set it to semiauto fire. Next, he put a silencer on his pistol. He would need one either way.
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Spartan looks around at everyone stopping at Kara,

"Look I am not trying to take you job My Specialty is sniping I dont do subway control, I can Jam communications and thats about it, By the way anyone ever tell you your cute when your angry"


Spartan takes off his helmet and grins at Kara then at the rest of the group.

"Caine are you talking to me? I have a few sticky cams (OOC: Yes I am sure you are all thinking Sam Fisher Wannabe) you guys could fire out of your guns and view through these headsets"

Icav pulls some headsets out of a thigh pouch and passes them and some sticky cams out to the rest of the team.
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