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02-21-24 10:18 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - The Official Challenge Bulletin Thread
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Posts: 3645/3775
Oh, god, gotta come up with an opening post...

Squire Vince
Posts: 1582/1586
*Raises hand. I'll battle you, FX, feel free to start up the battle, i've been practicing.
Posts: 3642/3775
Haven't battled in forever, looking to brush the dust off.
Posts: 2454/2746
Someone besides Vince, goddamn battle me.

Nothing against Vince, of course. It's just always me and him.
Squire Vince
Posts: 55/1586
Metropolis Now! Accepting any challengers come and get me.
True Flight
Posts: 3977/5243
placing a challenge I have nothing else to do at work. =P
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1601/1852
Placing a challenge. Im attempting to get active again, so forgive me with my harsh schedule if I don't post every day.

Anyway, I have some horrifying ideas that just might make me the ultimate fighter here so give me a PM if your interested in trying out Kaijin's new toys.
Posts: 1163/1748
Even though I don't think this forum is being used anymore, let alone this thread, but I'll try posting up an open challenge anyway. I'm currently in the process of creating a new character and once she is finished I'd like to give her a test run. I should be finished somewhat with her profile soon, and I'll post it and send it to the challenger the moment it is finished.

Gyale, the Dark Sfih Goddess of Power wants her first true battle.

And the title 'Goddess' is simply a title given to human-like creatures in the land of Sfihna who have great power and are estimated to have been born the day Sfihna was created, many millions of years ago. It doesn't mean she's like OMGGODMOD
Posts: 5/32
im willing to challenge anyone using any of my two characters or mroe if i make up more of them
Dante Magus
Posts: 6/19
come back fight

Ok this fight will start off with no magic as i want to get use to fighting and making good descriptions again. later in the fight we (me and opponent) will decide if I want to begin developing the magic and abilities of my new character:

Stilen Kister
Posts: 1354/3775
Me and Shaddow are looking for a tag team battle. That is all.
Posts: 2539/-3459
Most of my threads are dead because of my banned period.... so I'm issuing this new challange!!!

I'll be using Alex, merely because I feel like using the revamped lamer...

Alex is a guitarist red mage... have fun with that....

Red Mage, meaning All magics, and a decent physical fighter, but lame in all aspects.
Posts: 772/1748
Open challenge... With a twist! The battle is mainly just to test a new, unique character that me and Vulcan came up with. Allan's profile is in the profiles forum.

And when I suddenly stop posting and Vulcan takes over him, this is PERFECTLY NORMAL for this character as in this is how the character works.
Dirk Ralthar
Posts: 53/328
Anyndir needs a fight, he just got back from vacation. He is the same as when I was Dark Vader/Kelsenellenelvial for those that have fought him. Anyone except FX, as I am fighting him already.
Posts: 629/3775
I am opening a challenge to anybody, preferably not anyone I have fought recently (Tendusia, Dirk, Cairoi, Elara)

Your choice of characters are:
Henry and Victor

or a new character that I don't feel like explaining now...
Posts: 761/1748
Okay I'm making another open challenge to anyone but FX, since he has currently disappeared...
Posts: 1416/2954
I'll accept any challenger for any of my characters. I really want/need a fight. PM me.
Posts: 598/3775
okay, Benja has completely stopped posting, and is ignoring me, so I am reopening his spot in the 2v2 battle unless he contacts me somehow....

EDIT: it appears benja is back
Posts: 740/1748
Meh, might as well... Open 1 on 1 challenge... Basically anyone who wants to add another win to their win streak.

Fight any of these:

Alex Daniels
Lena (Summons allowed if you choose her)
Posts: 1471/3807
Cairoi Alester is here, looking for a fight. If you want to try your luck against him, message me.

EDIT: FX accepted this challenge.
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - The Official Challenge Bulletin Thread

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