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11-29-23 07:48 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Character Profiles - Kyo Asakari
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Name: Kyo Asakari

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Nationality: Japanese American

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 158

Eye color: Brown

Hair: medium length, wavy, and brown.

Attire: A beaten up black hoodie, tattered, ripped pants that cut off at about knee height, but past that are bandages all down his legs like that of a martial artist's, and tall, agile, futuristic combat boots. He has gloves on his hands, leather, with the fingers cut out, and a metal plate on each glove across the bones across the top of the hand. He wears a black and green skullcap, and smokes.

Weapons: None, save for Ryoju Kyuuken, his martial arts ("Fist of the West Star")

Background: Born into the post-apocalyptic world after the nuclear war devastated all life on the planet, Kyo struggled to survive along with everyone else he knew. All his life, Kyo had been under the watchful eye of Master Liang, the last surviving master of Ryoju Kyuuken, Kyo and his rival Ishimaru being the only students Liang had. One cloudy day, 3 months ago, after both had become designated masters in the art, Ishimaru killed Liang in his sleep, left a note written his his Master's blood next to Kyo's bedside, and ran off into the night, never to be seen again. From that day forward, Kyo tried to promise that he'd never use Ryoju Kyuuken for killing, but only for the good of mankind if at all possible, but in the world everyone lives in now with all the pillaging and lawlessness, that promise is hard to keep. He made another promise, one that would never be broken no matter what: Kill Ishimaru for his treacherous ways.

How power points work: There are 1,109 Power Points in the average human body. These points, when pressed, hurt very badly. When struck with enough force, they can burst. This is what Kyo's martial art revolves around, however, Kyo pours his own chi into the attacks, making them burst with more lethality than before. The only to overcome such a glaring obstacle would be to deactivate your power points, or have such a form that it would obscure your power points almost completely. Many fighters can do this, but only a few can do it well, which is to say, keep it masked all the time.

-Hundred Crack Fist of the West Star- Kyo unleashes an incredibly fast wave of 100 fast punches, one random one guaranteed to his a pressure point that would be fatal to the enemy if struck. The power point, Ryukiishi, is in the temples of the head, and when pressed, the energy poured into it makes the enemy's brain expand and burst in an eruption of blood.

-Secret Maneuverer: Flying Kick of the Little Dragon- This technique is an aerial kick that will counter almost any other martial art move, and be sure to slash at the chest of abdominal area of the opponent with the feet.

-Slashing Fingers of Deadly Skies- The technique waves the fingers around as though he were scratching or slashing at something. On commonplace enemies like bandits, he can cut their bodies to ribbons, but on harder opponents, he can only create gashes in their bodies, depending on their fortitude.

-Seven Way Slash of the West Star- Kyo performs a series of punches, slashes and kicks, hitting power points throughout the bodies of up to seven opponents, all killing them in a style similar to the Hundred Crack Fist.

-West Star Combat Breathing Aura- Kyo relaxes his body in order allow the other 70% of his body's potential to come out (normal humans only use 30% of their body's potential), and forces adrenaline rush to his body the whole time.

-Deadly Mountain Splitting Blow- Not using any pressure point techniques, this attack splits the skull of the victim vertically with a chop.

-Healing Pressure Points of the West Star- By self-inflicting damage upon six pressure points in the leg, Kyo can heal all wounds and ailments, but his lifespan will be considerably lowered. Not necessarily a combat situation, for most fights Kyo gets in does not require such techniques.

-Deadly Strike of Regret- Kyo shoves his fingers into the temples of his opponent, pushing a certain pressure point. After her pulls them out, the enemy has 15 seconds to live before the pressure point is activated, and the body is blown in half vertically.

-Pressure Point Cancellation Technique- To cancel a deadly pressure point attack, Kyo strikes his finger into the back of the opponent's neck, hitting the power point "Gakoman", stopping the lethal effects.

-Tornado Spinning Kick of the West Star- Kyo leaps vertically in the air, and spins very quickly, with his right foot extended, striking all those around him, knocking them back, with an off chance to strike the lethal pressure point in the face, "Kamanagi".

-Blazing Heart! Fist of the West Star!- This Kyo's most feared technique. After using his breathing technique, He hits a pressure point in his own shoulder, forcing all the chi into that arm, making an amazingly fast, horrifically powerful punch that, when connected, will be lethal, regardless of power points. If struck in the head, the skull would shatter and the brain would be blown out the back of the head. If hit in the stomach, the fist will plow through the enemy, leaving a gigantic hole in his gut. The downside is that this move a while to charge up (about 15 seconds), and it, like the "Healing Pressure Points" technique, it too will shorten his lifespan, but only by weeks, unlike the months or years the Healing technique would cause.
Xeogaming Forums - Character Profiles - Kyo Asakari

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