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01-29-23 09:24 PM
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True Flight

The One

Since: 08-21-04

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Posted on 05-14-08 03:17 AM Link | Quote
Another RP made by True:

Setting: In the world of 2008. That's right current times.


The Demon Slayers is and underground group of people who detain demons, protect possible victims, and research as well. The DS has been around for many years and has three branches to the service.

1.Enforcement: This is the branch that is sent out to protect, detain, and to investigate paranormal happenings. This specialized group of agents are chosen to work with humans and demons. The demons are the main forces on this group, but they work with humans to solve paranormal crimes, protect possible victims, and arrest rogue demons.

2. Research: This is the main branch that carries the entire history of the branch. From Johnny Appleseed to Why Zebra Cakes are the DS's favorite snack. You'll find it all here. The research team has been known to have its darker side by performing research on live demons and humans as well. Some of the people who have been selected to be on the research team are not all good. There are some who were put in there because they were arrested and their thesis was so thorough that the DS kept them in the research department.

3. Black Ops: This group in the DS lie and cheat their way around so that they can gather information for the research team. Sometimes they have to kill even the innocent. Do they show remorse? Only a few do. The Black Ops is secret. The people selected to be in Black Ops are very intelligent and know how to clean up their mess. When something goes wrong with the Enforcement team the Black Ops is there to clean things up and make everything look all fresh and clean again.

Heaven's Bell: A group of researchers who want to put an end to the DS. They believe that the DS is trying to end the battle between good and evil which will bring an imbalance to the world. They will do anything in their power to bring an end to the DS and have two branches of service.

Protesters: This group of demons and humans are the ones who attack random places that they believe that the DS is located in. Most of the time they are right. They even have their own in ALL THREE of the branches in the DS.

Readers: These are the group of people who look into ways of finally resolving their arguement with the DS and they are getting close.

The Holy Choir: This is a group of humans who have gained a higher knowledge and a group of angels who have tried to partner up with the DS on many occassions. Every time they have tried to make a treaty between light and dark the signers were brutally murdered. The Holy Choir wishes for the war on good and evil to end so that they may start their utopia for all humans to enjoy life with no worry.

Plot: The Holy Choir and the Demon Slayers have tried their hardest to come up with the treaty between good and evil. Every time there was a signing the representative for the Demons, Angels, and the Humans were all brutally murdered. What doesn't explain is how they were murdered. Every murder that happened was proven as suicide. They have put the signing of the treaty on hold so that they can figure this case out.

You: Your character will play a role in the following organizations or will become a part of the story line. You can play as three Human, Demon, or Angel.

Races: Human: Humans are very flexible character wise. They can go dark, light, fire, earth, water, you name it. You can specialize in any element of magic. Sometimes humans don't specialize in magic, they specialize in other abilities as well. With all these abilities comes limitations. One of the main things a human doesn't have is the ability to go into a brawling rage like a demon can or fly long distances like angels. They are a bit sloppy in what ever fields they do not specialize in. Humans in this rp belong in four categories:

Witch/Wiccan/Warlock: This group of humans tend to be a bit on the eccentric side. Humans who are put into the wiccan category spend most of their time alone working a lot. They spectrum from clumsy intellectuals to just plain weird. They have been known to chose one element and stick with that.

Mind Benders: This is a very small group. They do not specialize in any field whatsoever. The thing that makes a Mind Bender very special is that they have the ability to make who ever is around them compelled to protect them. (Use as human shield). A mind bender's ability is still being researched by the DS.

Priest/Priestesses: This group of humans spend most of their time praying in a temple. They hone to their abilities in their own religion. They specialize in some holy magic as well. Some priests and priestesses are even taught martial arts.

Normal: What it says. Normal. Nothing special. Most of the humans in this range are researchers and trained enforcers.

Demon: Demons are the next flexible. This group of creatures specialize in dark magic. They can spur into a very intense rage which uses all their abilities and tends to make things more difficult for them afterwards. Demons can use any element and ability but cannot use holy magic for it will kill them right off the bat. Demons fall under three categories:

Shapeshifters: This group of demons can change their shape into any animal or human. Sometimes they've been used in Black Ops as assassins. The stronger of the shape shifters can stay between animal and human form. They do this to show that they have a higher position in their part of the race.

Spell casters: This group of demon can specialize in the elements and cast spells. However demons can only heal demons with the water element. Those who have a part of their element floating around them at all times are powerful in that element and carry a higher position.

Burden Carriers: This group of demon is very barbaric. They are called Burden Carriers because this is the main force that goes out on the front linnes during any huge battle. They are large and pack a huge punch. Few have been known to have an intellectual mind. The higher in rank you are as a Burden Carrier the shinier the armor you wear.

Angel: see post below

Character Sheet:

Code name if any:
Race Category:
Organization Branch:
Skin tone:
Abilities: (only 2 for now you will gain more later)
Brief History: (If you want to make yours private send it to me)

I will have NPCs up but I want to really work this rp out. XD It's based off a dream I had.

here''s the first character

Name: Melina Reynard
Code name if any: Fancy Mel
Age: 24
Race: Human
Race Category: Witch
Organization: DS
Organization Branch: Enforcement
Hair: dirty blond
Eyes: blue
Skin tone: Pale
Outfit: She wears a pink skirt with a white sham underneath. On her head she wears a pink hat that has a pair of huge white bunny ears on them. Behind her hat is a huge green bow. On her feet she wears a she wears a pair of boots.
Abilities: Elemental magic and very sensitive esp
Brief History: Melina was put into the witch category when she was very young. She had gone through several training sessions. Melina gained the name Fancy Mel when she started to gain the eccentric side to the witch category. Melina started wearing very outlandish clothing as if she was cosplaying. Melina chose wind as her main element but uses fire as well to help spread. Right now Melina has been put on the DS Holy Choir case to find out the reasoning.

bear with me... it is 3:23 and I had to post this today. XD

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Lord Vulkas Mormonus

High Xeodent of Xeomerica.

Since: 10-29-04
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Posted on 05-14-08 07:52 AM Link | Quote
Name: George Solomon
Code name if any: Rehoboam(bonus points to anyone who knows who that name also belongs to.)
Age: 27
Race: Human
Race Category: Normal.
Organization: Demon slayers.
Organization Branch: Black Ops
Hair: Dark brown.
Eyes: Also brown.
Skin tone: Not brown, just highly tanned.
Outfit: Depends on the mission, nothing very advanced, bust he does like to where kevlar when possible. When not on a mission, he prefers to wear a black dress suit.
Abilities: Is very skilled with a shotgun, and also very fast. In college, he was the fastest on his winning team of track runners.
Brief History: George doesn't have anything that special about him. He went to college at Duke University, where he played basketball(though he certainly wasn't one of the best on the team). He at first worked on a major in chemistry, but found himself bored with his current lifestyle.

At this point, he transferred to the Naval Academy, where he joined the Marines. He clearly shined among his men, and was eventually contacted by the Demon Slayers, for his skills.

After this, George disappeared from the public eye, working to fight demons with the DS. After only a year with them, he has performed well, and was transferred from Enforcement to Balck Ops, where his is currently stationed.
True Flight

The One

Since: 08-21-04

Since last post: 2240 days
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Posted on 05-14-08 01:49 PM Link | Quote
lol I love how your character holds both names of the Kings of Judah.

Double Post
I have some NPCs. The following characters are in the positions for a reason. I want to have others play these characters for me... please...

Name: Alex Rowland
Code name if any: Gomer Pyle
Age: 35
Race: Human
Race Category: Normal
Organization: DS
Organization Branch: Head if DS Enforcement
Hair: Black/ shaved
Eyes: hazel
Skin tone: white
Outfit: Alex's cover is that he is the battalion commander of a small university ROTC. So he wears his rank which is Colonel and the ROTC patch. Alex refuses to wear his combat patch.
Abilities: Sniping and long endurance through pain
Brief History: Alex Rowland lived a fairly decent life after he recieved his commission. Alex married a wonderful wife, had one child, and continued to live a normal life until his contract ran out. When that happened the DS snatched him up along with an officer in the air force and a high ranking demon. Alex Rowland looked through the records of the DS and found out many things about his life that he didn't know. Alex Rowland's record has only one bad mark on it. That day someone insulted his wife and threatened her life. Alex said that he lost all consciousness and found the man in his hands dead. Alex finally deduced that his wife was a mind bender of a higher level. Alex keeps it secret from anyone so that she won't have to deal with the DS or any rogue demons.

Name: Fernina Hernandez
Code name if any: Bookworm
Age: 20
Race: Human
Race Category: Mind bender
Organization: DS
Organization Branch: Head of Research and Development
Hair: Black, long, and sleek, up in a bun.
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: tan from spainish heritage
Outfit: wears a black pencil skirt, lavender blouse, and lab coat. Wears a pair of glasses as well
Abilities: Mind bending capabalities to have others protect her.
Brief History: Fernina was a 2nd LT in the Air Force. Her main branch was the Military Intelligence. Just like Alex, when Fernina was about to get her obligation back, she was snatched up by the DS. Fernina doesn't need a cover job. She lives, eats, and sleeps on the main DS HQ. She never leaves the premesis because the DS all wants to protect her.

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Kaijin Surohm
Living the dream

Since: 08-16-04

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Posted on 05-14-08 09:04 PM Link | Quote
Name: Hiru Akki
Code name if any:
Age: 500, give or take
Race: Demon
Race Category: Shapeshifter
Organization: Rogue
Organization Branch: Rogue
Hair: Black, earlength hair parts evenly in the middle, and falls loosely to the sides of his face.
Eyes: Silver
Skin tone: Tan, but his muscle buildup leans toward blood red, like armor looking.
Outfit: Black jeans, and black combat boots.
Abilities: and use more then one animal aspect at once in mid-transformation stages.
Brief History: (I'll add this later. My brain just died x.X)
This isn't about you and your loud mouth,
This is about me and my fucking beard.

Since: 08-29-04
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Posted on 05-14-08 11:38 PM Link | Quote
Name: Mikhail
Code name if any: Archangel
Race: Angel/ Speaker of the Seraphim
Organization: Demon Slayers/Holy Army
Organization Branch: He's the head.
Hair: Thin blond hair in a ponytail.
Eyes: Blue.
Skin tone: Unnaturally pale white.
Outfit: Wears either a grey sweater and black pants, or a shimmering white cloak over a golden chest plate and white leather armor.
Abilities: Legendary sword fighting and holy magic skills.
Brief History: Found wandering aimlessly in Jerusalem without any I.D or memory during the First Gulf War. Taken in by a monastery, his angelical roots were discovered, and formed the DS. Spends most of his time wandering the halls of HQ, conversing and training his fellow agents, or continuing his favorite hobby, origami.

Name: N/A
Code name if any: The Man in the Long Black Coat
Age: Looks to be in his 50s.
Hair: Black, greying.
Eyes: Blue.
Skin tone: Slightly tanned white.
Outfit: Wears a highly distinctive black coat that is neither a trench coat or a cloak, but some strange hybrid of the two. Many have hypothesized it is magical.
Abilities: Unknown, but even legendary warriors such as Mikhail warn everyone and anyone to avoid combat with this man.
Brief History: N/A

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True Flight

The One

Since: 08-21-04

Since last post: 2240 days
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Posted on 05-15-08 12:46 PM Link | Quote
This post is to break down the angelic nation.

Several times I have tried to make this nation very VERY ungodmodish.

The angelic race is very sexist towards males. The holier of the angels has an even number of wings while the angels meant for battle and non holy needs have an odd number wings.

About the wings, they are used more as an aura wing. The wings are used for flight and are the core to an angel's holy power, once the wings are destroyed the angel becomes a fallen and goes through the changes to become human. Only a few angels actually survive through the change.

The ranks are as follows:

Choir (male/female)
Messenger (male/female)
Guardian (male)
Valkyrie (female)
Priest/Priestess (male/female)
High Priest (male)
Seraphim (male)
Chosen (male)

Choir/Messenger: Both have 2 wings. This class is the lower of the classes. The angels of these classes use bows and arrows and holy spears. They have 2 wings that appear wen they are in fight. Choir sings and messengers send out messages to the human race, angels, and the DS.

Guardian: This class is meant for males. Angels in this class attain three wings. They are highly trained in the art of using bows and arrows and spears. This class is trained to be ready to fight at al times so their aura wings are out permanently.

Priest/Priestess: These angels have 2 wings. The females can attain 4 in this class. Angels who specialze in the art of healing humans and angels are in this class. The males in this class can graduate to the next class, but the females can either extend their training in this class or go to the fighting side. Most females choose to stay in priestess side how ever. The angels in this class are team leaders and they control the chess match when there is a battle in. Leaving their group of Seraphim to work on other things.

High Priest: This male angel attains 4 wings in this group. This angel works solely with the other priests and priestesses. When the Seraphim needs a Chosen to be chosen the high priest will lead the priests and priestesses into choosing a male angel and training the angel as well. The most political of high priests have 5 wings.

Seraphim: This angel has 6 wings. The Seraphim are actually a group of angels chosen to run their nation. Though there is really 1 angel that actually speaks for the group. The seraphim are very powerful in many aspects but lack the actual skills to speak for their selves. The Seraphim will only act for the protection of the angels and humans. So fare only 1 angel in the DS records has strayed away from the teachings.

Chosen: has 7 wings. This is the angel that does the political side of the seraphim's work. This is the angel who is chosen to be the seraphim's protege. This angel is meant to sign the treaty and end the battle between good and evil. This angel is not trained in weapons and can only use immense amounts of healing magic. This angel is so holy that his own voice will kill nations of humans and demons. (this class CANNOT be chosen by anyone)

now onto the newest class.

Valkyries: Back in the 1960s the female angels had a movement along with the feminists of the human race. The female angels began to feel that they were in a glass cieling. So the Seraphim began to speak with each other. The Seraphim created a new class. They needed brawlers and female angels held the perfect amount of holy magic and could be trained as such too. So the Seraphim created the Valkyries. These angels are females and they are trained in martial arts. Most of them use a brawling weapon of some kind. These angels can break into "frenzy". Frenzy is just like rage but can be controled. Valkyries hold the golden eye which makes it easy for them to figure out their enemy and attack. The golden eye is used to figure out if they are going to be able to use brawling moves or have to back off. Valkyries are very fast but when they are not in frenzy or rage they are weaker than the male guardians.

If your an angel... please remember you are NOT immortal. Thank you.

Zombie Marco

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Posted on 05-15-08 11:24 PM Link | Quote
Name: Agathangelos
Code name if any: Feather
Gender: Female
Age: 1800
Race: Angel
Race Category: Former Valkyrie
Organization: Heaven's Bell
Organization Branch: Assault
Hair: Shoulder length wavy blonde hair
Eyes: Piercing blue
Skin tone: Light, with an angelic glow (I wonder why...)
Outfit: A silver breastplate with an old Valkyrie insignia, barely visible through centuries of wear and tear.
Abilities: Light use of holy magic
Brief History: Agathangelos, nicknamed Feather by her human allies, left the Valkyries and the Holy Choir when she felt that they had strayed from their ancient cause of justice and vengeance, in turn joining the Heaven's Bell.
The Accidental Protege

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Posted on 05-18-08 02:55 AM Link | Quote
Name: N/A
Code name if any: Hat Man
Age: 107
Race: Demon
Race Category: Shapeshifter
Organization: DS
Organization Branch: Black Ops
Hair: Pitch Black
Eyes: Red
Skin tone: Unknown
Outfit: Unknown; however, his form reveals that he wears a trenchcoat and a 1950s style fedora.
Abilities: Shapeshifting, Shadow magic
Brief History: Hat Man was the incarnation of the blackest of hatreds spanning over the past century. Pulled from the swirling vortex of unreality, Hat Man found pleasure in making chaos and causing havoc. Seeing that the DS was formed would give more meaning to his increasingly boring lifestyle, he reluctantly joined their ranks. Hat Man is a recognizable character that many people misperceive as an illusion or hallucination.

Dark Wizard
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Posted on 05-19-08 02:18 AM Link | Quote
Character Sheet:

Name: Azura
Code name if any: Blue
Age: Appears to be early 20ies.
Race: Angel
Race Category: Priestess
Organization: Holy Choir
Organization Branch:
Hair: Dark blue that cascades to the bottom of her gown.
Eyes: Light, skyblue
Skin tone: Pale
Outfit: A white sleeveless gown with gold trim along the top becoming a long, lace golden train down her back.
Abilities: Healing magic. Water and Ice based magic.
Brief History: Blue keeps her thoughts and her past to herself. Not much is known. She appears to have no enemies, but true friends are scarce as well. She takes her duty seriously, however, and is very protective by nature. She keeps a watchful eye on those around her, ready to spring into action at the first sign of need.

Name: Alice
Code name if any:
Age: 18
Race: Human
Race Category: Mind Bender
Organization: DS
Organization Branch: Research and Development
Hair: Straight red hair draping over her shoulders to her waist.
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Normal. Not quite tan, but nothing too pale.
Outfit: White blouce and a red and black plad skirt, stopping at a few inches above her knees. Black boots that come to her knees.
Abilities: Mind bending. :p
Brief History: Ever since Alice was a little girl, she knew something was wrong. When the other children were picked on, she was left alone. Playing sports was always a nightmare for her. If anything sailed in her direction, whether she was supposed to hit it or dodge, someone usually caught it or stood in her way. As the years passed, it grew worse. She was rarely alone and always watched. One night, in a desperate attempt to escape it, Alice ran away. She only intended to escape the constant vigilence for a few hours, but instead, was ambushed by uniforms and lab coats. Despite her struggles, Alice was unharmed as she was brought to the DS research facility just several weeks ago.


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Posted on 05-23-08 01:52 AM Link | Quote
Name: Adalmus Phillius
Code name if any: White
Age: Indeterminable, appears to be in his late twenties.
Race: Angel
Race Category: High Priest
Organization: Demon Slayers
Organization Branch: Research, Black Ops
Hair: A bright white, long hair, parted away from his face.
Eyes: Grey
Skin tone: Tan
Outfit: Silver Centurion's armor, with a plain white tabard above it. On the back of the tabard, an elegant gray cross is visible. His Wings are usually kept hidden, if only to not arise too much suspicion.
Abilities: An unstoppable force with a spear in hand, and a power referred to only as "Judgement."
Brief History: Adalmus is a unique High Priest to say the least, he frowns upon using his holy magic for healing the wounded. He uses Judgement to vanquish his foes to eternal torment, or perpetual bliss.

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Lord Vulkas Mormonus

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Posted on 05-23-08 03:25 PM Link | Quote

When do we in Black Ops get to have a part?
This isn't about you and your loud mouth,
This is about me and my fucking beard.

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Posted on 05-23-08 03:37 PM Link | Quote
Called 'em in two posts ago.
True Flight

The One

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Posted on 05-23-08 05:04 PM Link | Quote
So I'm bringing in a key character. This is the first spell casting demon seeing as we don't have one =P

Name: Maliku
Code Name: Rock
Race: Demon
Race Category: Spellcaster
Organization: DS
Organization Branch: Black Ops
Hair: Green
Eyes: Red
Skin tone: Tan
Outfit: Wears a small black skin tight sleeveless turtle neck with a light brown pair of pants that are tucked into her knee high black boots. She has two crystals circling her at all times.
Abilities: Maliku controls earth substances.
Brief History: Maliku is from a clan of earth demons called Rocklier. The Rocklier clan has been known to send most of their candidates to the DS. They all go to enforcement, but Fernina thought Maliku would work better in the ranks of the Black Ops because of her gifts and traits. Fernina brought this up to Mikhail and she was put up as second incharge of the black ops. If the leader is gone she's acting leader.

Zombie Marco

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Posted on 05-23-08 06:42 PM Link | Quote
I shall wait until it is an appropriate tim to enter.
This isn't about you and your loud mouth,
This is about me and my fucking beard.

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Posted on 05-26-08 04:19 PM Link | Quote
Name: Erhard
Code name if any: Black Ox
Age: 512.
Race: Demon.
Race Category: Burden Carrier.
Organization: DS
Organization Branch: Black Ops
Hair: Black, military grade but allowed some growth
Eyes: Red
Skin tone: Pale
Outfit: Massive black armor that covers him in 'patches'. Quite shiny.
Abilities: Indescribable strength and endurance.
Brief History: Was involved in a massive coup of a demon tribe 300 years ago and lost respect for his race. He has avowed to defend the world against his people even if it should mean his death. Very noble, with some hints of wisdom, but still very much a demon.
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