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12-06-22 03:47 AM
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Posted on 08-02-08 05:23 PM Link
It hadn't occurred to me that the forum rules weren't actually posted here. And apparently Forum Announcements are broken, so this goes into a sticky thread.

The rules:

1. No personal attacks. I don't care if you're attacking an utter moron, a banned member, or a respected forum member. If your post consists of nothing but a drawn out attack, I will edit it into nonexistance - I'm not going to close a good thread because of one person. If it contains personal attacks mixed into a useful post, I'll attempt to trim the insults out. Either way, I will inform you in a post from me as well as in your edited post.

2. No bashing religious beliefs. This is quite possibly the fastest way to get yourself permanently removed from this forum.

2b. Likewise, no racism, sexism, etc.

3. Do not post in a thread more than three months old without contributing meaningfully to the topic. If you have something worth contributing, however, go ahead and post - although a new thread may be better.

4. Do not derail a thread. If there's a related topic that you would like to discuss, post a new thread for it.

5. Unless posting a news article, your post must consist of more than just a link - so if someone asks you to explain what you're talking about, don't just link them to Wikipedia, actually explain what you're talking about.

6. Please, no grammar nitpicking.

Things to remember:

Attacking someone's logic is not the same as attacking the person - just make sure you are, in fact, going after their logic and also contributing to the topic. In other words, don't say "your logic sucks" without also explaining why.

Discussing religious beliefs is not the same as bashing them. It is, however, a very sensitive topic for a lot of people. If you're touchy about your religion, don't join in threads discussing the topic; what you may interpret as an attack might only be simple discussion, and if you attack in retaliation, you'll be forumbanned.

Logical fallacies are not against the rules. That doesn't mean you should use them, just that I won't kick you out of the forum for doing so.

This is not a high school debate club. With occasional specially-marked exceptions, the focus isn't on "winning". Admittedly, perhaps "Debate" shouldn't even be in the name; most of what's done here is discussion rather than debate.

If someone asks you to explain yourself, just do so. If you don't, you'll probably either look arrogant or like you don't actually know what you're talking about.

In more serious debates, it's smart to include citations. Furthermore, try not to use statistics without a citation - you know the old joke, 81% of all statistics are made up, etc.

I try to moderate openly. If your actions in a thread warrant an official warning, I will post it right there.

PM me with any questions, comments, criticism, or justified complaints.

(Last edited by Astrophel on 08-24-08 12:24 PM)
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Xeogaming Forums - Debate Shrine - Forum Rules | Thread closed

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