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12-02-23 09:09 AM
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True Flight

The One

Since: 08-21-04

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Posted on 11-07-08 11:30 PM Link | Quote
Welcome to the world of Spiralis. A place where people are made for each other and their destinies are intertwined just like a spiral. Everyone has a "Soul Mate" a person to hold dear, love, be best friends with and to share powers with. How ever it is VERY rare to find those who are Soul Mateless... Null. A child born Null must never see the light of Spiralis. In History those who have been deemed null were killed. How ever there are parents who held a null child. Some of these children are kept out of sight because mothers are very protective. This lead to an increase in null children. So an asylum was made just for them.

Soul Mates borrow powers from each other... however null children hold powers of their own and can't work with anyone nor are they connected to each other. So they can't read minds like a Soul Mate can read their mate's mind.

The best way to know that a child has a Soul Mate is through a machine that reads brain waves. The brain lets off a special signal telling the parents that the child isn't null. If the machine flat lines, then the child is disposed of. How ever doctors in the past have given the parents a choice to let the child live or have child taken care of. If the parents want the child to live, they send the child to the asylum, where nurses who specialize in raising infants begin the process of raising a null society.

Now, the plot line.

Your characters want to be treated as equals. Just because your characters don't have a Soul Mate, doesn't mean that you can't love or you have feelings. You don't want to be set aside away from the rest of the world.

The Null Society is a growing society started with just three people who are trying to take down the asylum and start a revolution to stop this uniformed world. Thus, the asylum will be burned down.

The Soul Mate Guild are the bounty hunters who find members of the Null Society capture them and send them to the Soul Center.

The Soul Center is an actual research center that brings in the null escapees and try to find ways to have this group people conform. Yes there are areas that have been known to experiment on humans, but the brainwashing begins on the higher level. This asylum is meant for nulls to understand that they need a partner to do what they can do or they will die.

Character traits:

| Soul Mate |
Please find another person to rp with for this position. I would rather it work that way. Soul Mates have a give and take relationship. The person that can do one thing great can do the opposite better. Like if someone has super strength (heavy weight) , then the other has super speed (ultra light weight). If one has the ability to manipulate fire the other manipulates water. Soul Mates hold the power to read each other's minds.

| Null |
Simple this is a person who has no soul mate but holds a power on their own. It's hard for them to master it if they have no will to balance it. Most nulls have been known to die of an early age due to a build up in their system. However if a null is taught to balance their power they can be a huge threat.


Soul Center
Soul Guild

Null Society

I will play the leader of the Soul Center I need someone for the Guild to be the Soul Mate. The Null Society has no leader they all have a goal to meet.

Character sheet:

Power: (please send to me before hand)

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True Flight

The One

Since: 08-21-04

Since last post: 2546 days
Last activity: 2531 days
Posted on 11-11-08 04:34 PM Link | Quote
Double Post to get those who are too lazy to read to read it... sheesh...

and don't strike me either... =_=
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