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12-06-22 02:39 AM
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Posted on 08-12-10 04:39 PM Link | Quote
No, they didn't want to give money to people who do not have and cannot get jobs because the economy is in the toilet and no one is hiring. You know, all those people that have been getting laid off because they decided to deregulate Wall Street and the Loan Market? To get unemployment in the first place you have to show proof that you have been looking for a job. You want a better example? Ok. The other day Congress met to decide whether or not to provide states with emergency funding to keep their economies from collapsing. Governors from both parties pretty much begged for the money, as it was the only thing that was going to keep them afloat. Republican governors representing thousands of voters begged for this funding. Nearly all the Republican Congressmen voted no. They are out of touch with their base, even several Republicans admit it.

And Bush started the two wars, after the tax cuts... you don't have tax cuts in a war, it is economically unsound.

And yes, I would assume that the Republican higher class knows about popular issues, just like the Democrats would. Since the higher class are the ones running the show. But Republicans in the middle and lower class usually have no fucking clue what is going on and when they think they do they are often misinformed because they get their news from Fox News, who have been caught lying several times to further their own agendas. Often members of the higher class get the same misinformation. And I am not talking about bias, I am talking about flat out lies and slander. Look at what just happened with the worker from the Department of Agriculture and that bogus story they broadcast that got her fired.

Oh... and for the record, I don't say all this because I am a democrat (because I am not), I say it because it is the truth.


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Posted on 08-28-10 12:06 PM Link | Quote
in one word: ihavenotasingleregret
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Xeogaming Forums - Debate Shrine - so hows Obama been doing? |

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