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02-01-23 03:32 AM
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Dark Vader


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From: Menzoberanzan

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Posted on 03-01-05 10:46 AM Link | Quote
OOC: This is for eight people including myself, this means that there is room for seven more. The fight is in a large cavern, Stalagmites everywhere. There are some special rules.

1: No magic
2: Melee weapons only, throwing weapons qualify as well
3: No special weapons, longinus lance, and all of the other such weapons are illegal, all weapons are wooden practice weapons. However, you can have weapons that look identical to your others.
4: A hit to the head or chest is and automatic removal from the fight.
5: No summons.
6: Last man standing wins
7: Groups are as you make them, if your ally turns on you, it is nothing you should not expect.

*Anyndir stands atop a stalagmite as he awaits the others that are coming. His wooden practice swords are in his hands. The gates close behind each as they enter.*

Good you have all come. There are some special rules to this engagement. (He states the rules listed above). Collect your weapon for the engagement and get in postion for the battle. You allies are only for mutual benefit, expect them to turn on you. Other than that, anything goes.

*Anyndir watches as they go over to collect their weapons, measuring their stance and gait.*
Lord Vulkas Mormonus

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Posted on 03-01-05 11:02 AM Link | Quote
Jaques walks into the arena, and after listening to the rules, gets into a battle position, weilding a double-sided staff.
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