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02-29-24 12:16 AM
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Azen Dalin


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I entered this contest recently, it was one that involved creating a character. So I created this one. I had to make a bio for him as well. So tell me what you think!

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This is the front and side-ish view.

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This is the environment

Davin Tiergan comes from a long line of elven warriors. He began his life in the same way most of his ancestors did (training in the elements of archery and other forms of fighting). At a young age he found that violence disgusted him. So he spent most of his childhood learning the Art of Song (the ability to coax animals into submission) along with his training. As he excelled in this Art, his father began to worry. But there was no true evidence of failure in his son, so Davin continued to grow.
In the land of Aisling, elvish children reach the age of maturity at 100. Most are given tests then sent off to do certain jobs, but the Tiergans have a different form of judging their children. They are forced into a brutal test of power, and Davin's test was to slay 100 beasts. However, Davin was rather clever and sang the beasts to sleep (since he despises violence).
His father was completely outraged and beat Davin in a drunken rage. He told his son that he would kill each of those beasts the next day. With the smile of a liar, Davin agreed. That night, the young elf took his bow and quiver and left the land of Aisling. Knowing that this would make him an enemy of his land (it is forbidden to leave Aisling, if caught prisoners are forced into the life of a slave Davin is very lazy) he ran.
Davin's journey brought him to the woods of Andal outside the mountains of Perdoa. Here he accidentally shot a large Tahmore in the eye. This beast angrily chased him for three days (not even his Song could calm it) until it finally dropped in an exhausted state. As a peace treaty, Davin shot a dear and brought a meal back to it. The beast made a pact with him: since Davin had blinded its eye, he would bring the Tahmore food, the Tahmore would provide Davin with transportation.
As Davin travels he comes upon travelers. Most are in distress, so he happily lends a hand (though he hates strenuous activities, he absolutely despises seeing someone in distress). After he helps the travelers he gives them advice to stay away from the land of Aisling. Then as one final request, he tells them to never talk about him even though he never tells a traveler his name, he doesn't want to take any chances someone from Aisling will find him.
He holds no plans for his future. After all, it's hard to make plans when you're on the run.

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