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12-04-22 02:20 PM
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Dirk Ralthar


Since: 07-18-06
From: Malthar

Since last post: 5412 days
Last activity: 5383 days
Posted on 08-02-06 06:35 PM Link | Quote
OOC: Spartan, I take it you want to be a pilot too... if you do you need to be in the Starforce, and your equipment would shift quite a bit... you rank would increase however...also... there is no Crimson Dawn Squadron on the Draken Fyre the Stiletto Squadron is Dragon Squadron, the Rapier Squad is Phalanx Squadron. Space corps operates Extra-vehicular. In the early moments of battle, you will be strapped onto a stiletto or Rapier, until first contact with the enemy at which point you would separate from the fighter and attempt to destroy ememy fighters, or board their capital ship. I will assume you are going to starforce for piloting... that would make you a lieutenant, in the position of Dragon 8, you have the same equipment as FX. Oh, and FX, you are dragon 2. John is Dragon Leader, a.k.a. Dragon 1.

*John's voice comes over the comm.*

Dammit Dragon 8, get your ass back in formation...

*And then you catch him saying something under his breath.*

Who the hell picked this squadron anyway?

*After the last of the Dragons was out of the hanger, Phalanx squadron launches... They form up in a protected position behind the stilettos, with a lot fewer problems than Dragon Squadron had. The fighters quickly outdistance the slower shuttles and the even slower Draken Fyre. Thus far, the three alien vessels in the distance have not responded to the CFS Destroyer or the fighters launching from it. Suddenly, all of the RADAR scanners light up with targets scrambling from the largest of the ships. Easily 200 small ships have deployed from it and are angling in for the oncoming Stilettos and Rapiers.*


*Dirk stands at the back of the shuttle, his chosen spot onboard. He is giving orders over the comm channel.*

Alright listen up. When we hit the beach, I want everyone to get their lazy asses off this boat. I don't want to have to write anymore letters home after this than I absolutely need to.

*He breaks down the group in the shuttle into eight five-man teams based on their positions within the shuttle. The other four in his group are Slade, the Maltharian twins Kendrick and Kenneren, and a Shrak-Ta named Sskul'*

When you hit the beach, we do this by the book, move in concert and keep each other covered. The medic team is to stay near the center of the entire unit unless someone needs their assistance. Keep them alive, and they will keep you...

*He pauses as the pilot cuts in over the channel.*

Strap yourselves in back there boys and girls. We have incoming, and they don't look like they are coming out to offer us tea and cake.

*Dirk straps in just as the alien fighters come within range of Dragon Squadron. He links into the Hammer's interface net, looking through the cameras positioned on the bow of the shuttle as the fighters open up.*


*John shouts over the comm.*

All units fire at will, keep them off the shuttles. Attack Pattern Alpha.

*(Attack Pattern Alpha is essentially a chaos pattern, pretty much each pilot is left figure out what to do on his own.) John's fighter lunges forward as he slams the accelerator to max. Other fighters pull off in other directions, firing lasers into the onrushing formation, the blue energy pulses flaring in the darkness.*

Zombie Marco

Since: 03-24-06

Since last post: 3111 days
Last activity: 3007 days
Posted on 08-02-06 06:53 PM Link | Quote
On'ver quickly ducks down as a rocket sails over him. He fires a burst at the ship that had shot at him. The shots connect and the ship goes down, colliding into one of it's teamates.

Pistol: 20/3

Missiles: 16/16

Bullets: 6990/7000

Dragon Team: 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Dirk Ralthar


Since: 07-18-06
From: Malthar

Since last post: 5412 days
Last activity: 5383 days
Posted on 08-03-06 01:41 AM Link | Quote
*John's fighter banks to his left, lasers passing harmlessly a half-inch from his fighter. Rolling the fighter to the right, he crossed it's path again, the alien attempts to match the manuever only to slam headlong into another alien craft that was chasing a rapier. Both of the green hued vessels explode into a blazing ball of superheated gasses. With a quick glance around, he saw a stiletto explode, a missile piercing the fusilage in a head to head (Dragon 5). With a quick roll and turn, he oriented on the alien that fired. Switching to the missile pods, he repaid the pilot in kind, a pair of the light missiles taking the fighter in it's port side. The warning light indicating a hostile missile lock flares, and a second later 3 missiles hurtle past his cockpit, missing his fighter by under a foot. Locking the acceleration at maximum again, he fires a burn straight at one of the enemy warships in the distance. The Draken Fyre emties salvo after salvo of heavy laser and particle cannon shots into the smaller vessels shields. Four fighters drop onto John's six, attempting to match his speed.*


*The hammers break through the far side of the massive dogfight, clear skies before them. They reach the atmosphere a short time later.*
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