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03-02-24 02:18 PM
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Posted on 03-30-07 01:46 PM Link | Quote
Name: Nephitaem
Age: 58
Appearance: even though hes old, Nephitaem looks like hes in his prime. he has muscles all over his boody, and generally looks tough. However, all of these muscles are concealed by a black cloak that he always wears during his fights. Underneath his cloak is black armor.
History: His history is unknown...shrouded in darkness.

Schwarzung: this is a thick sword, with dark clouds covering it, held in Nephitaems right hand. It can cut through virtually any substance in existance, including most swords. it can also combine with Nerezza to form Escuridao.

Nerezza: It is a twin to Schwarzung, and is usually used in Nephitaem's left hand. it can also be thrown towards an enemy, and then come flying back to him after being called.

Escuridao: Basically a super sword. It can fire clouds of darkness and poison its enemies. if it touches flesh, it will send a dark poison designed to kill the target within minutes.


Disappearance: Nephitaem can disappear into a shadow, and reappear into another. fortunately this doesnt disobey any rules, as teleporting is only illegal if you use it for defense.

Cloaking: Nephitaem can coverhimself in his cloak, and become invisible to the human eye. using this, he can attack an enemy unseen.

i'll put in more later, but id like to know what you think.
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Xeogaming Forums - Character Profiles - Nephitaem, master of darkness. |

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