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01-29-23 09:30 PM
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This isn't about you and your loud mouth,
This is about me and my fucking beard.

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Posted on 04-01-07 01:57 AM Link | Quote
My newest character, I've really started to like using him, so expect to see him more often in fights than old Cairoi.

Name: Clash the Bandit
Real Name: Takezo Aritada
Age: 26
Race: Human/Soulgate
Sex: Male
Universe: Etharia
Description: He wore a loose but small amber toga-like garment that was kept tightly in check underneath the man's light and form fitting khaki pants. The toga had strange white markings on the shirt, an insignia of a falcon on the back. The man had strange scars on his visible shoulder, evidence he had seen battle once. Hanging off his waist was a longsword sheathed in an intricate mesh of different levels of tanned leather. This man had a devilish grin on his face, stubble forming on his chin, medium length shaggy blond hair on his head, and a look in his hazel eyes that told you he had seen the world.

History: Clash was once a member of the Watchman Order, the group responsible for protecting the Etharia Gate. He served along the ranks of Cairoi Alester, when he was naught but a recruit, maintaining the balance and upkeep of the gate that separated Dark World from Light World. After the Apocalypse demon broke the barriers and attacked, the (weakened) Watchmen fought to contain the amount of demons escaping into Light World for weeks, until Cairoi and the good demons Xeios and Draegonis defeated the demon Armageddon and resealed the Etharia Gate.

After that, the Watchman Order decided to indict a few of its members into a top secret magical experiment known as Soulgate. They chose people who had little to live for, and Clash was a prime candidate. He had faught almost to death during the Armageddon attack, and he was in an extremely poor state of health. Somehow, he was the only to survive Phase One, which was a temporary ejection of the soul from the body. After that, they linked Clash's soul lengthily to the force of a Dimension Gate, giving him the power to sift through dimensions. After it was reinserted, Clash came "back" to life.

But he was a changed man. The dedicated soldier now saw things in a different light. The man still believed he faught for justice, but he saw law as an accessory of justice. Law, he believed, should be sidestepped if justice will be served greatly. And so, after recovering fully from his operation, he set out as other Watchmen did and scoured the earth for remaining demons.

On his travels, he came to take a temporary position as knight of a small king. He did his duty until he became aware of the king's dark dealings, including allowing crime lords to prevail and murders and rapes to continue. He took it upon himself to restore justice, and slayed the king in cold blood.

The world turned against him. Abandoned by the Order, and hunted by the king's army and a never ending supply of bounty hunters, he searches for ways to continue to fufill the justice he believes is right.

Powers: Clash's main powers lay in that of energy manipulation. He has developed several different techniques for controlling it.

Energy Contact Aura- An aura he has learned to harness that enables him to hold, feel, and shape magical energy as though it were clay.

Hurricane Orb- A powerful magical storm that sucks up energy and pulls it into the Energy Dimension, negating it in this dimension.

Dimension Point- An incredibly small orb rift Clash creates, harmless to the touch, that he uses to connect to the Energy Dimension with. He can use this for various purposes.

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