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04-25-24 03:01 AM
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Posted on 05-05-11 10:26 AM Link | Quote
ooc: Open. Not Vince, though; we're already engaged in a fight.

Chirping sounds of cicadas filled the summer air with expectation, the noise floating softly upon a breeze and through the park. Couples strode upon the beaten paths, and children's laughter echoed from the many chambers of the faded jungle gym. The click of a bike startled Phoenix from his daydream, and he flinched about to see the woman continuing her way down the path.

With dreamy eyes, Phoenix turned about and focused on what lay before him. A half eaten tuna fish sandwich sat upon a plate next to an open bag of potato chips and a bottle of lemonade. The checkered blanket was worn with age and use. It smelled of the dirty lake water that it sat next to now. Phoenix had been coming to this grassy patch next to the lake for several months now, hoping to blend in with normal people. He had even donned a plain grey t-shirt and a baseball cap for the occasion.

So far, it had been working. No one had tried to kill him, and he hadn't fought in ages. Life could be simple. With another bite of the sandwich, and a grimace at the lack of bacon in it, Phoenix settled back into his thoughts.
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Posted on 05-12-11 01:12 PM Link | Quote
One after another, people turned their heads to look at this unusual person strolling down the sidewalk. Walking while staring for seconds before continuing on their path. They couldn't help but wonder, "are those wings on her back real?" This young,, beautiful woman with silver hair and deep blue eyes, who is she? What was with the wings. A costume maybe? The bright whiteness of them contrasted against her black slacks and dark-blue form-fitting camisole which stopped above her belly button, revealing the toned bottom portion of her stomach, the wings almost glowing, they seemed. They moved closer together, a few people flinched, taken aback by what they had just seen. It could be for real. How did she move them without so much as flexing her back muscles? While some concentrated on the woman's wings as she walked by, a few others were staring at her voluptuous bosom, trying not to make it obvious. Though, the young woman already knew without having to look and simply kept a perky smile on her face. She met eyes with a random man sitting on a bench and gave a wimp as she walked past him, leaving him dazed.

The woman slowed her walk until she reached an empty bench and sat down, one leg crossed over the other. She basked in the warm sunlight, lifting her face toward the sun to let the rays hit her soft, smooth skin. What great day to swimming, she thought to herself. A nice breeze picked up. Her flowed with it, giving the woman a light touch as it brushed against her bare upper back. It felt very good.
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