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09-24-23 03:41 AM
Xeogaming Forums - - Posts by Xkeeper_
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Posted on 06-01-12 11:40 AM, in This is going to have to be my goodbyes Link
Hey, a GBCW, like I expected! I'm only here because you called us out.

Originally posted by Bitmap
The LAST thing I want to comment on is going to be brief. I'm sure some of you guys know about what happened in my engagements in the past week but I am not going to apologize for doing that one single bit. I was raised on never starting fights. But finishing them.

I'm sure everyone does, considering you dragged it over here. (Hint: See Thexare's profile comments)

And I will defend myself until I am dead in my grave. There are some things I like and getting a counter reaction on the whole thing while I was the one being the bad guy?

You're a bad guy because you continued when you were told to stop. If you get pulled over for speeding, get a warning, and then proceed to continue speeding, you get every ounce of what you deserve, and that's exactly what you did.

And you ignored the message I sent, but someone on the "other side" of the argument also had their post wiped, but you continued to argue and fight while they didn't. So yeah, I guess you made yourself into the bad guy, good job. Way to go.

Yeah, that's not fun. That's a bad community.

It's called "you're an asshole".

And I found a whoooole lot of shitty people in the process.

Did you look in a mirror?

You can call me ignorant. Honesltly, I don't care. I'm done with that place and I really


REALLY hate to say this.

But I am done with this place too.


Anyway, this is all just because you pulled a callout stunt here. You started shit, you got in shit for it, and then you went and whined about how the big bad other guys rained on your parade.

(I have no beef with Xeogaming, by the way. Just in case that wasn't clear before, I wanted to make sure it was known now.)
Xeogaming Forums - - Posts by Xkeeper_

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